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WIP- Vava & Angela (TSOQ)

Vava Valentina and Angela Phung (TSOQ)

Women In Power Conference

On Saturday, March 18th, 2017 the Women and Trans Centre at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus hosted the “Women in Power” conference as a tribute to International Women’s Month. To my surprise, this year’s keynote speakers included fashionistas Angela Phung and Vava Valentina, co-owners of TSOQ (The Store On Queen) and Sumwear boutiques at Queen Street West. Here is one thing for sure that I can almost guarantee, they know how to make an entrance and will not shy away from making bold statements with their style. Angela kept her style minimal and sleek, plus did a fantastic job pairing it with her metallic high heel boots (which I wanted to steal…). Whereas, Vava’s style echoed Diva/Boss vibe with her rocking the white coat, vertical striped full sleeve blazer with a seemingly large black brooch, denim jeans and metallic flats (which I also wanted to steal..).

As I was watching the pairs [Angela and Vava] give their motivational speeches, I was reminded of how women should continue to empower each other instead of competing with one another. Both Angela and Vava shared stories of how they overcame barriers to finances, education, and career progression in their personal life before they took the risk of opening The Store On Queen.

No doubt that there will always be some form of obstacles when it comes to working in the fashion/retail industry since it is competitive, however, Angela and Vava has continued to persevere and even launched their second boutique, Sumwear, this year.

WIP- Vava & Angela (TSOQ)

Vava Valentina and Angela Phung

I would also like to take the time to thank the UTSC Women and Trans Centre for hosting such an inspiring conference; it is spaces and events such as these which continue to encourage self-identifying women to pursue their hopes and dreams.


Sunday, March 19th, 2017

Samantha and I had the chance to drop by at The Store on Queen where the co-owners were selling a large selection of denim apparel, chic dresses, urban jackets and amazing pieces from Canadian brands like Uncuffed Leather and Mikhael Kale.

Demin love! Shop TSOQ Denims

The TSOQ accessory section is a must visit! They had a wide range of gorgeous embroidered or beaded clutches, stunning shoes, and embellished sunglasses. So, next time you are in downtown Toronto make sure to stop by The Store on Queen.


Samantha N., Shop  NEFERTITI Sunglasses


Samantha N., Shop MARSEILLE Purse

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