Toronto Fashion Week: Mikael D. Collection

Close up #1: Mikael D’s Design.

Sunday night, winter blues did not stop me from attending the spectacular runway finale of Mikael D‘s collection. I have been a long admirer of Mikael Derderian’s designs and craftsmanship, so when the lineup of Toronto Women’s Fashion Week was announced by Canada Fashion Group ( who also owns Toronto Men’s Fashion Week), I immediately made it my priority to view the Fall/Winter 2017 Mikael D’s collection in person. 

Jeff Rustia
Executive Director and Founder of TOM* – Toronto Men’s Fashion Week & TW – Toronto Women’s Fashion Week

When I arrived at the Waterworks venue, I was greeted by the TWFW staff and then proceeded to visit the Maybelline, Redken, and WillLand Selection booths. Bear in mind, the venue was jam-packed since it was the last runway presentation of the night and the line seemed endless for getting seats…but I must say it was definitely worth the wait.


(1) the image on the left, love the gold and black gown with baroque elements (2) Middle, beautiful golden beaded strappy back gown (3) image on the right, impeccable construction of the bodice.

As the ravishing models were strutted down the runway, I felt that everything from their hair, makeup, and garments that are a reminiscent of the roaring twenties and old Hollywood glam (Great Gatsby Vibes!). The collection had sheer illusion fabrics that were used to create flattering silhouettes, gowns embellished with precious beads or appliques, and metallic fringes which brought such dramatic movement into the runway.

Full Shot of Mikael D’s designs #1


Full Shot of Mikael D’s designs #2

The After Show

The sultry makeup and polished hairstyle made the models look divine.


At the end of the runway show, I got a few close-up shots of the embellishments on the gowns.

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