RE\SET DAY 2 (Part 2)


[Please make sure to the check out the blog post Part 1 of RE\SET]


I had a chance to squeeze into the crowded studio during the breaks when models were having their hair and make-up done. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to snap photos of the fashion crew in action. I love capturing behind-the-scenes beauty shots even though the environment is overwhelmingly fast-paced, and it is not a surprise either that other media/fashion photographers are a fan of shooting such action shots.


I was very disappointed when the BEAUFILLE  presentation ended at the Conversation Room, as I was anticipating to view and photograph the designers’ sophisticated feminine collection. Fortunately, I saw one of the strikingly beautiful models garbed in one of the exquisite BEAUFILLE pieces. As she was just about to go change into her next outfit, I requested a bit of her time for a photo op. What drew me to the piece was its ruffle sleeves, so absolutely I had to take a close up of the details.



As I mentioned on Part One of the blog post, I didn’t just photograph but volunteered for the RE\SET show, so one of the privileges that I also had was working backstage for the designers of WRKDEPT and THOMAS BLAINT collections. I didn’t have the chance to witness the runway show of THOMAS BLAINT men’s collection, but at least I had the chance to look at the extraordinary pieces backstage, so no regrets! As for WRKDEPT which was the final presentation of the night … I saw their accessories and the individual pieces in the dressing room but nothing prepared for me the explosion of creativity they were about to unleash at the LongBoat room. The WRKDEPT models were styled in a such an incredible fashion that it elevated the collection to a whole new level, and undeniably this presentation was one of the crowd favourites of the night. My personal favorites from the collection include the accessories, in particular the unconventional shoes which for me were a must to photograph.

WRKDEPT. Killer Shoes.

WRKDEPT. Closer look at the Make-up and the hair

WRKDEPT. Side view of the outfit.

Statement pieces.

WRKDEPT. The Fitting.


WRKDEPT. The Gaze.

Thank you to the RE\SET team, Designers, and UforChange for giving me this opportunity.

Yours Truly,

Aniqa R.

Edited by Keisha James



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