RE\SET DAY 2 (Part 1)


Christopher Paunil
(Designer, UforChange Mentor)

RE\SET (2017) was an exclusive two-day event for Canadian designers to network and promote their creative brands at the Toronto Fashion scene; this event was made largely possible thanks to collaborative efforts by Robin Kay, d3sign,  and THE COLLECTIONS™.

[  THE COLLECTIONS ™ is an agency dedicated to elevating Canadian Fashion brands globally, and is co-founded by the [impeccably dressed] dynamic trio of, Dwayne Kennedy, Mel Ashcroft, and Brian A. Richards].

Dates: Monday February 6th & Tuesday February 7th

Venue: The Great Hall ( 1087 Queen Street West )

Time: 4 PM – 9 PM (Mon.) & 4 PM – 10 PM (Tues.)

Partners: THE GREAT HALL, beauty Boutique (by Shoppers Drug Mart), DHL, ONeXCHANGE, Fashion Design Council of Canada (FDCC), UMBRA, Spacefy, ALBUM, UforChange, Freshman Friday, P1M, &OR (, LXH, FOURSIXTY, rock-it-promotions, Monarch Events Group, RENATAKAVEH, ACEHILL, CAFA™.

Designers: Sid Neigum, Beaufille, Thomas Blaint, Hilary MacMillan, Pedram Karimi, WRKDEPT, KLAXON HOWL, Markoo, Krane, Cuchara, Dean Davidson, Dolorous, Tara Rivas For TMR, Uncuffed Leather, Triarchy/ Atelier Denim, Zvelle, S.P. BADU, Namesake.

Before I ramble away about my overwhelming yet exciting experience at RE\SET, I want to emphasize that I was a volunteer first and a fashion-crazed photographer/fan-girl second at this event. I was introduced to this great opportunity by UforChange, and decided to volunteer on behalf of them for RE\SET. So, pretty much my entire two days at the event were spent multitasking, and trying to fulfill the roles that I was initially assigned. You will notice that this blog post is largely devoted to DAY 2, and that is because DAY 1 I was completely swamped with alternating roles and managing the coat check with my partner. DAY 2 was even busier in terms of the workload, but somehow I was able to manage, multi-task, and find breaks in between my shifts to photograph the event as well as network with emerging designers in the fashion industry.

I was truly grateful to browse around the SHOWROOM and take a brief look at few amazing pieces from the designers’ presentation. Unfortunately, I missed the runway segment, but needless to say I was blessed to be working as a volunteer behind-the-scenes with the designers.


RE\SET booked the main hall of the venue for the SHOWROOM, a space for the most popular Canadian designers to display their brand new collections for the season. Now, unlike the runway presentations, the SHOWROOM ran freely from 5 PM- 9 PM, allowing guests to have engaging conversations with the designers, a chance for a closer look at the riveting designs, and of course giving me oodles of time to snap photos of the collections.

Triarchy/Atelier Denim

This is no ordinary Jeans collections. It’s sustainable, ethical, vintage wear with a luxurious twist; their apparel include details such as fringes and handcrafted textiles. More importantly, the immaculate construction of denim makes the fit more perfect.

Ania T. (Social Media/Brand Stylist) of Triarchy ATELIER DENIM

Ania T. (Social Media/Brand Stylist) of Triarchy ATELIER DENIM

I absolutely loved shooting Ania in Atelier Denim jacket and pant. Photoshoot took place in the Conversation Room.

Cuchara and Dean Davidson

Simplicity in fashion can also be a statement. Cuchara and Dean Davidson has an edge to its collection, and they managed to lure their clients with simple yet intricate designs.


CUCHARA (Model: Edilou Canedo)


Minimalistic. Badass. Sleek.

Unisex apparel redefining coolness.


Closer look (S.P. BADU)

Uncuffed Leather

Words cannot express how much love and mad respect I have for what this brand stands for. This collection, hands down, has FUN, EDGE, and PERSONALITY written all over it…the visionary owner Olga undoubtedly left an enormous impression on her clients by presenting accessories such as leather body harness, choker, laser-cut leather gloves… and my utmost favorite — the pristine leather tiara.

Leather Tiara by Uncuffed Leather. Queen/Owner/Model: Olga Barsky

Uncuffed Leather. Harness made for a Queen. Meaghan Elizabeth (Model/Blogger of FashionSavagestyle)


Just divine handcrafted heels.

As a side note, I am a huge fan of their signature logo.


Purple Delight. Zvelle.



Continue on to Part 2 of RE\SET:

Yours Truly,

Aniqa R.

Edited by Keisha James


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