Fashion Art Toronto |Fashion Revolution| Part 2

Fashion Art Toronto 2017


100 Designers & Artists, 50 Shows, 5 Days – #FAT2017

It’s been a great privilege to attend Fashion Art Toronto 2017, and none of this would have been possible if I didn’t win the guest pass from Fashion Savage’s contest (make sure to follow her). In this post, I have compiled a list of my absolute favourite runway showstoppers, and my interpretation of their collection or signature looks. I have encountered many of these fashion designers at past shows, in studios, and at networking events, and I must say it has been an amazing journey to witness them grow through their beloved fashion lines.

Note: You will not find complete runway looks here in my blog. If you are interested in viewing full-length collections, then I highly recommend you follow Raymond Chow (Canada Wears).

Ali Haider

Feminine/Chic Style with an edge

Signature: Accessories (cylinder shaped studded purse), embellishments (crystals), sheer fabrics & fringes. Gold and silver dominated the runway.

**First met this incredible designer, Ali Haider, at OCAD Wearable Show 2016. His collection of chokers and glasses are exquisite.

Glamorous Studded Fringe Purse

Model: Kalie Ho

[Left] Model: Jane Gunn, [Right] Model: Sarah Loll

Model: Nicole Benson

Model: @anyapolo_

Model: Jane Gunn

Close-up details of the top

Steven Lajambe

Classic midsummer, evening wear.

Signature: Use of ombre, bare/open back neckline gowns, lace, sheer fabrics for creating illusions. Floral prints, mustard, white and black colour conquered.

** A pleasant surprise when you realise that your mentor’s colleague is presenting his own line at FAT 2017. Congrats STEVEN!  

Model: Kehli J.

[Left] Model: Jun Wang, [Right] Model: Candyce Wang

[Left] Model: Jun Wang, [Right] Model: Candyce Wang

[Left] Model: @anyapolo , [Right] Model: Ania Antul

[Left] Model: Tracy, [Right] Model: Ken (@therealmsbaker)

[Left] Model: Ken (@therealmsbaker), [Right] Model: Ania Antul

Luis Padilla

Mesomorphic Emotions

Futuristic & Urban transformation

Signature: Styling+makeup, hand gloves/wrap, natural fabrics/textures, use of asymmetry and geometric shapes.


fingerless gloves- Details

[Left] Model: Danielle Vigmond, [Right]: Jayjay Kings

[Left] Model: Danielle Vigmond, [Middle]: Hannah Simard, [Right]: Jannai Goddard

Model: @Jessekeffer (VagaBlonde)

Model: Elva Deng

Bone & Busk Couture [Katharina Mior]


Romance, Religion & Rebellion.

Signature: Corsets, posture collar/neck corset, embellishments, velvet, outerwear and cross symbols. Red and black colour scheme.

I met Katharina Mior at Fashion Art Toronto 2015, while photographing for IVI magazine. No surprise that she was presenting at FAT 2017, as she is uber talented.

Model: @theoverlady


Rad neckpieces [Left] model: KateDeuce, [Right] model: Faery Lepidoptera

[Left] Model: Genie Emerald, [Right] Model: @emilybulmer

[Left] Model: Genie Emerald, [Right] Model: @emilybulmer

Model: Saki W.

Model: Genie Emerald

Xue Liang Design

Liquid Baroque

Avant Garde Utopia

Signature: Known for winning the hearts of audiences and making them speechless with her craftsmanship. Extravagant masks/headpieces, architecture, use of unconventional, recycled materials (e.g. paper, pumpkin seeds, toothpicks, pistachios, etc). Wearable haute couture collection, I see great future for this emerging star. 

Model: @jiivency


Model: Britney Bentick

Model: Candyce Wang

Model: Kelaiah Guiel

Model: Michaela Z.

Model: Lauryn Mills


Padina Bondar

Fashion with Voice

Bondar’s collection is deeply rooted in socio-political messages, as it showcases the reality of everyday violence that self-identifying women around the world experience. But what makes her ingenious is how she manipulates fabric into depicting trauma. On one model, she strategically places red cross fibres on the back neckline to symbolize scars, while on another she places seemingly ruffled fabric to mimic the effects of an acid attack. Her collection covers a whole array of women’s issues, from child marriages, miscarriages and abortion, acid attacks and more.

Model: JayJay Kings

Model: JayJay Kings

Model: Honey Benjamin

Padina Bondar

Finally, congrats to the FAT2017 team for putting on a stunning festival! And to the designers who worked tirelessly to turn their dreams into reality.



Edited by Keisha J.

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