Fashion Capture: Ivie Rose [2]

Ivie R.

Ivie Rose


Location: Yorkville Village Park ( I specifically selected this location after visiting Icefest 2017, which took place a month earlier).

On my previous post of Ivie Rose there was a small introduction to her, however, this time I decided to add an in-depth Q & A segment.

Interview with Ivie R.

1) Tell us a little bit of yourself

I’m a 23-year old fashion blogger, Nigerian born and raised. I went to school for business and economics but I soon realized that my flair for passion was never going to diminish. I moved from Ottawa to Toronto, where I’m paving my way through the fashion industry. I work in fashion retail now and I blog in my free time.

2) Describe your personal style in six words
I’m drawn to a lot of styles right now, still figuring me out.
3) What are your fashion must-haves/staple items?
A pair of black pumps, denim pants, white sneakers, t-shirt, backpack and a leather jacket.
4) Name your favourite fashion influencer(s).
I love pairing pieces together and creating looks that you’d never traditionally go for. I follow celebrity and magazine stylists on Instagram to discover what they do and how they do it. That being said, I’m obsessed with Mikiel Benyamin (@maikeeb_kills on Instagram) and Monica Rose. When it comes to designers, Gucci has been killing it for the last year.
5) What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to fashion?
I used to have a few pet peeves because I thought there were rules in fashion. Now, I’ve realized it’s all about making things work for whatever look you’re going for, and if it doesn’t work for one look, it might for another.
6) Name your beauty must-haves?
I absolutely cannot live without chapsticks, mascara, and a brow pencil. I’d add a clear (or close to clear) lipgloss if I’m feeling a little extra
7) What is your favourite fashion decade?
I love the 90’s, maybe because that’s when I was born. Not to mention, 90’s fashion has been “in” for the last few years. Trickling it was down from high fashion and editorials to fast fashion and current trends.
8) Any advice for your fellow fashionistas out there?
I haven’t been in the fashion industry for long and I know everyone says this but, stay true to yourself. I cannot stress the validity and importance of this statement. Be inspired by other people, challenge your creativity and push yourself outside of what seems normal to you. One thing that everyone can always appreciate is authenticity. It draws people in and speaks louder than words ever will, not to mention it has a long lasting effect on your consumer.

 One Location. Two Days. Three Looks

Look 1: Flatter Me

Skirt: Zara
Dress: Sheinside
Shoes: Ego.Uk
No denying…I love those shoes. Definitely a statement.

Ivie R.

Ivie R.


Ivie R.


Look 2: Bad & Boujee

Faux fur jacket: Thrift store
Top: Sirens
Pants: Forever21
Heels: Express
Purse: Aldo
The reasoning behind the subheading, “Bad & Boujee” was that this girl would not stop singing the song throughout the second shoot! Undoubtedly, she had the most fun with Look 2 as her inner personality dominates the arena.

Ivie R.

Ivie R.

Ivie R.


Look 3: She Scores!

Turtleneck: Express
Off shoulder top: Mendocino
Pants: H&M
Heels: Express
Blue Jays Fan??!
Ivie R.
Ivie R.
Ivie R.


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