Fashion Capture: Samantha Nonan

Sunday, March 20th, 2017 

A new day. A new shoot. And a whole lot of fashion fun with Samantha N.

 I met Samantha a few years ago at UforChange and it was there where I discovered what a visionary or creative genius she is…. Her eye for fashion is what motivates her to create and model the garments which she works tirelessly on. If she is not designing, she is either styling others or cosplaying characters.

 Of course, in order to know a little bit more about Samantha’s fashion world I decided to have a Q & A with her.

  1. Describe your personal style in six words.

Live Breathe Solidify Your Entire Being!

  1. What are your fashion must-haves/staple items?

Must have Fashion staples accessories in my case: choker, rings, headphones are a must because I love listening to music on the go, a cute bag (big or small). I keep a first aid on me in case of any emergencies and have all my id’s and cards handy.

  1. Name your favorite fashion influencer(s) (includes designers, models, etc)

For designers Alexander McQueen, Rei Kawakubo, Jeremy Scott. Top fashion Icons Lady Gaga, GDragon of Big Bang, CL of 2NE1, Rihanna.

  1. What was your last design or completed garment that you made?

The last outfit I completed were designs from photo/video shoot I did back in October of 2016 mixing the elements of 90s vintage street wear.

  1. What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to fashion?

Pet Peeve… basic staples of clothing be sold for an exaggerated price and plastic surgery becoming a norm and the fact that it is striving, there is a larger stigma of young women and girls of having a lot of negativity towards their bodies. I do not like people who play their surgery off as natural.

  1. Name your beauty must-haves.

BBcream, Lotion, Baby Oil; favourite Makeup Palette Morphe 350, NYX vibrant colours from pink to purple and that includes eyeliner and lipstick.

  1. Which is/are your favourite fashion decade(s)?

Fave Fashion decades would be the All decades I have a different mood depending on what I wear, but since I was born in the 90s Hip Hop Fashion is my fave… and also the fashion art styles in anime from Sailor Moon to Yuyuhakusho.

  1. Any advice for your fellow fashionistas out there?

Be Sexy! Be Classy! Be Smart! There is a time and place for everything, live your life to the fullest and have fun in moderation. Love is what keeps you alive <3. Be Dorky! and Be Yourself!

Fashion Capture: Photographing Samantha N.

Mural by Clandestino.

To be honest, I was very indecisive when it came to choosing a location for our shoot, I kept changing my mind before finally settling in for Queen Street West…specifically, we (Samantha and I), were looking for mural/graffiti as our backdrop for the photoshoot. We found some bold striking artwork that caught our attention and immediately hogged that area for our Fashion Capture series; what I loved most about the shoot is how both the colours or the graphics from the Murals and Samantha’s outfits interacted.

Look #1: Samantha modeling her own designs.

The first look is Samantha decked in her black and white print kimono-top; for viewers, it may seem like the graffiti and the graphic kimono are clashing for attention, but I found it liberating and unexpected. I had also requested Samantha to turn her kimono-top backward for the shoot so we can see the full extent of the amazing fashion print! ( Plus it was part of her fabric selection).

Minimalism. Black Hoodie underneath the Kimono-top. Pink heart choker. Long Basic top and stockings.


We then headed to a different location somewhere in Queen Street West for our next shoot. The second and third looks were very similar (see if you can spot the difference ), I was baffled at first because both the tops had long sleeves and the same colours. Regardless,  Samantha nailed all of the photoshoots, and the final location for the last two looks was a blast to photograph since we had less interruption from the outside parties and occupied that area longer than our previous shoot for Look#1.

Look #2


Look #2 includes her beloved Addidas sneakers in the shot.

Look #3

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