AMATO Couture X Couture, Culture and Arts (CCA)


|No Ordinary Fashion Night| On October 7th, 2017 the Couture, Culture and Arts (CCA) treated Toronto fashionistas to a phenomenal AMATO couture by Furne One runway show at the Church of the Redeemer. This regal/fairytale-esque collection included both menswear and womenswear pieces, from embellished capes to luscious pastel gowns; no doubt that the AMATO Couture event became an instant overnight hit. The show itself sparked by my curiosity of the work that goes behind CCA, and as a result, I scored an exclusive Q&A interview with Claris Manglicmot.

1) Claris, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am Claris Minas Manglicmot. I am the founder and Managing Director of CCA.

2) Why did you found the Couture, Culture and Arts (CCA)? 

I like doing events even way back in my University years.  The diversity of Canadian population inspired me  in creating Couture, Culture and Arts (CCA) .

Here is the aims of CCA:

Couture, Culture and Arts (CCA) holds events such as runway fashion shows with established International designers to inspire young, emerging talented Canadian designers. We also support them in joining fashion festivals within Canada and internationally.

Couture, Culture and Arts (CCA) is an initiative supporting fashion and arts, inspired by the diversity of our Canadian population. Every event we mix artists and participants of different levels and talents to inspire, learn, share, and captivate among the team and the guests. We welcome everyone, from organizers, sponsors, the media, fashion and art lovers alike.


3) How did you come to selecting Amato Couture for Canada 150?

To celebrate Canada 150 I wanted the best for CCA. I only have in mind Amato Couture. I have seen one runway show of Amato Couture last last 2010 in Dubai. I have followed his career and I am impressed by the progress of his creations and his company.The show planning is a long process. I am in constant  correspondence with Furne and it took as over a year of planning this event.   He is very hands on with all the details from venue, decorations and logistics.


4) What’s next for CCA?

CCA caters to different things such as:

  1. To produce annual event:

CCA will continue to create events that are unique and one-of-kind. We will make efforts to introduce first experience for our Canadian audience such as bringing Amato Couture for the very first time in Canada. Last year we also bring Hollywood Designer Rocky Gathercole for the very first time here in Canada.

CCA features different kinds of artists. Last year we had avant-garde, this year we have haute couture designs and next year we are looking at featuring a cosplay couture designer.

2. Managing Designers:

CCA supports established and emerging designers by managing and presenting their runway collections to fashion weeks in Canada and internationally.

3. Campaigns and editorials

CCA organizes marketing campaigns and editorial shoots to promote designers and/or products of artists.



The AFTER-Show