|FAT| Fashion Art Toronto (2014)
by A.R.

Aniqa Rahman 

Hi there! Welcome to my virtual world. As owner of the Visual Lens blog, I am devoted to and passionate about capturing Toronto’s Fashion and Arts scene. My venture into photography started in 2013, when I first joined the UforChange photography program and also first picked up the Nikon D3200 camera; the world through my lens opened up a whole new wave of visual storytelling and I intend to use photography as main medium to support the local designers/talents in Toronto.

Needless, to say my passion has not only led to snapping images of community arts, but also photographing events such as Fashion Art Toronto |FAT|, African Fashion Week, Startup Fashion week, INLAND, IMFDF, and many more. My goal is to also motivate and inspire individuals to engage in the arts as well as encourage self-identifying female photographers to pursue Media/Runway photography as it is still mainly a male-dominated career path.


Keisha James [Editor]

“A girl who works on writing stuff. I do video stuff too. Holla for art stuff.”

Visit: http://www.keishajames.com/


The project Visual Lens would not be possible if it wasn’t for HackBridge 2017 (SKETCH) and UofT Continuing Studies course (The Foundations of Digital Communications Strategy and Social Media taught by Donna Papacosta).

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